e-Finance Information

Rural Marginalised Farmer
Unlocking financing for the Rural Marginalised Farmer

We enable lenders, Microfinances and Agribusinesses to quickly extend credit, Agricultural Inputs, and follow on Facilities to our registered farmers using our core lending as a service system. Get automated credit assessments of your loan book and lend more for less.

Power your lending with alternate data

Extend credit to the underserved underbanked Rural Small Holder farmers, an untapped market that has been for long excluded by traditional lending frameworks. Leverage our alternative credit scoring to better assess risk and affordability of this untapped market in near real-time.

Farmer information sharing
Get as much information as you need on a farmer and speed up your origination by 5 times more

Digitise your loan origination in A few minutes with our embedded loan origination system to help collect applicant’s data, verify their identity and get an automated risk score to make lending decisions quicker.